March 10, 2018

10 Great Ways to Organize Your Tiny Closet - Fictitious Fashion

Hey guys

Having little space in you apartment is something that could either bother you and make you feel prisoned, or make you become creative and find the better ways to use even that tiny corner of your room. However, for a woman, space can be a problem when it comes to organizing their clothes and shoes. 

Ladies, I know, believe me. You don’t need to worry about the little space of your tiny closet anymore! I decided to find and gather in one place, the best 10 hacks and tips for you, to help you put your clothes in one place and organize them so good that you will still be able to see everything you have with just one look!

1) Count them all
First of all, you need to determine the number of your clothes in different categories. Find out how many pairs of pants you have, how many dresses, etc. This will help you to know how many things you have to leave hanging in your closet. The same rule applies for the items you decide to leave folded. You have to use that knowledge when buying a closet, or when you need to change it.

2) Seasonal categorisation
Now, you need to decide which clothes belong to a different season and put them away. Stack them in a trunk, or in a cupboard, because you won’t be wearing tank tops in the winter or coats in the summer. Excessive number of clothes hanging is the reason to be harder to find exactly what you are looking for.

3) Get to the floor!
The next step of the re-organizing your tiny closet is to use its floor. There is enough space to put your shoes, for example. You can use the space for the shoes you wear less, or those for the different seasons.

4) Let it be high
If you have more hangers, higher in your closet, it is not a problem, even if you find it hard to reach and clean them. The best you can do in this case is to adapt a little stool that will give you the desired height and you will be able to reach the highest parts of your closet which will make them easier for cleaning.

5) Room in doors
Your closet, the tiny it is, probably has at least doors. This is great, because you can use the space for hanging clothes there, too, or shoes maybe. You can store your scarves, or hats, or any other kind of accessory on your door – simple as that, and practical at the same time!

6) Boxes and divisions
Another great way to put your folded clothing items is to insert little organizers. For example, you can use old shoe boxes to put those clothes in them. The other way is to divide a shelf in a few separate divisions and put the clothes there.

7) Type of hanger
The next thing you can do is inserting double hang. This provides you with two times the space you initially had. You can now hang all of the clothes and organize them by colors or however you want.

8) Ring hangers
Another great idea for your scarves is to put them on a hanger, but put each one in a shower curtain ring and place the rings on the hanger!

9) Tank it on Tie hanger
Here is a tip for your tank tops. Get yourself a tie hanger and hang your tank tops on it by their straps. You don’t need to hang them separately.

10) Hooks and more hooks
If you are used to decide what to wear on the next day the night previous, you can put a hook on the door. This method can be also used to hang bags, if you put more hooks.
I hope this won't happen now!
Well ladies, I hope you enjoyed reading this post.
I have given the link to my stole and belt hanger above (in the shoe box DIY). Go check it out. Have been using it for 5 years now and it is in the same state even with 20 belts and scarves! 
Do you have any DIY or smart tips and tricks to organize your closet? Let me know in the comments below. 


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February 12, 2018

Why relationships break + Earthy tones

Hi fellow readers

Two thousand and eighteen is not going as planned. Lots of hiccups, misunderstandings and errors!

I've always been positive and tried to keep good vibes near me. How do I do that? 
Humans need humans; emotions nurture when they merge or clash with emotions. Therefore, keeping people with positive roots, is important for me.

Positive roots means - people, from time to time, experience bad days, sudden influx of emotions and general confusion. But, what remains put is there nature in essence. If they are positive as a person, it would reflect in everything that they do.

Today, I shall talk about these feelings, emotions, nature and personality that might lead to heartbreaks and distrust.
Also, loving the early onset of spring in Delhi. More on my outfit after the deep-dosage of relationship talks.

Five reasons why relationships break (indeliberately!)

1) Coinciding nature - We are humans: expecting is in our nature and for some, a habit. We are not used to bowing down to anybody without experience or directly being told so. Nevertheless, each person is different. Our wiring is unique, mental frequencies different and interpretation dissimilar. 

But, there can be only a limited permutations in the world that can make the entire human race unique in absolutely everything! That is why, we find that no two people are the same yet have some things in common. I'm saying coinciding and not conflicting nature because, because of these similarities and disimalrities, that we tend to coincide some parts of us.

We may want the same thing, but in a different way or different time altogether. When, even wanting the same things (or not the same thing), reaches a road to a dead-end, it is the safest place to assume that you go in different directions together, or apart. Here, 'we are good friends even after parting ways', comes into picture. It is true and very much workable!

2) When everything is not enough - There are some people who have been given everything and still nothing is enough for them. Emotional capacity, loving tenacity, good health and love; are a few must-haves for a healthy relationship. While for others, the world is upside down and still, they are happy to have 'at least' the notion of good relationship(s) around.

There is a third category of people who may have some and may want more. They are happy with what they got but a little more doesn't harm no one. This is the charasteristic of a person whose head is sorted and priorities set straight. They have always known what they want and what is (or who is) the most important thing (or person) in their life.

When the above kind of people, meet the first two kinds, they try to fix them. They think that since, these two kinds don't have their act together, maybe they need a little push? No.
They don't understand that they too, have reached where they are, after several experiences. Everyone actually learns from their own mistakes or experiences. Therefore, if not completely broken, such relationships have cracks that might or might not be filled.

3) Living in the past - whatever you do, you can't seem to get out of the circle. After all, life doesn't go forward or backward in a straight line. It is a circle that keeps on going. It doesn't have a start or an end, technically speaking.

Some people, do something to mend their past actions. They will apologize to you for something they have done in the past. They will make it up (or try to) that day and by the end of the day, mess it up, again! The next day, they wake up with a feeling of disappointment that they have brought to you and again, the cycle starts.

Living in the past, is a constant for them. They are constantly in a need to mend things and cannot LIVE in the present. Here, survival takes precedence. When a person is in a relationship with a 'mender', there is always something to look back to. Each day is a battle to start fresh or mend previous actions Sooner or later somebody gives up and some get a full stop they were waiting for.

4) Two friends - there were two friends, ego and love. Both had been living together in a beautiful apartment for 10 years now. Love needed some change, breath of fresh air and some excitment. Ego was against this idea and never gave a good response to love's request. 

One day, their house caught fire and they had no option but to jump out of the window. Love was ready to jump and looked back to see if ego was ready. Ego wasn't! It was sitting in the same chair that it used to, everyday for the last 10 years. Love yelled at it, "Hurry up, it would be too late". Ego replied, "You go if you want to. I'm not leaving."

Love pleaded, requested, demanded and sobbed but, ego didn't budge! Love had no choice but to stay with ego. How could it leave ego? It was love for 10 years!

They both died. Love died because of ego.

I don't think I have to explain this one.
5) They have options - relationships break when they have optinons. They give up too easily because they know they have friends, family, hobbies and self-respect to fall back to. They enter into relationship because of the above 4 categories - either they are (or met via) family, friends, found in hobbies or found someone with a similar set of values and respect for self or others.

Such people ignore the need for nurturing both together as they are busy nurturing themselves in the old ways. They don't feel the need for a change. If it works, it is wonderful. They have found someone who shares everything they care about. If not, it is fine. They will go back to being #1 (point above). Resorting to their own self, is not an issue for them. They don't need drastic measures to bring themselves back to reality because, they were already there. Nothing had changed for them as it is.

Needless to say, they would have loved the other person with all their heart. But it didn't work out? It's okay. They have options.

So yes, these are the reasons that I have realized. I know they are not cliched 'want different things, different personalities, etc.'. These are, from years of experiences and observation. Let me know your thoughts below.


Now, about the dress. I bought this in Diwali. Remember, on my Instagram stories, I asked you guys to vote between this dress and the one which I finally wore?

I am in love with the colour. With so much of festivities going around, thought I would show you a colour or two, from India :) (Most of my readers are from USA, Ukraine, Russia and then India).

One could wear it with or without leggings. I chose leggings because I know it would be an hour long shoot and I was already very cold. Paired black wedges with leopard print details in the heels.

Funny story about this shoot - My brother wanted to have his shoot as well. We wanted a different background than greenery. After half hour of discussion, we did nothing but walked for a minute to the opposite end of our society and clicked this. Hope you enjoy (LOL)






Which one is your favourite?

Suit cum dress: Fabindia, Wedges: Milanoo, Cuff right hand: Forever21, Cuff left hand: Zaful

Much love

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February 3, 2018

Personalize your gifts

I've always enjoyed personalizing gifts. Even as a kid, I used to create handmade gifts for everyone. Collages, music CDs (with handmade cover), paintings, office desk - notepads, pen-stands, etc. I did it with so much focus that I the whole day used to pass by in a jiffy.

As I grew up, things changed but I didn't. I still make at least one gift on my own. That is to say, the person gets more than one gifts. But, there is a limit to my creativity and resources. Each year, I tend to surpass my own expectations but this year, I wanted to do something meaningful for Mr. A.
Meaningful to him, personalized for him and handpicked by me.

Luckily, this cute website approached me to try out their services. I gave it a try since was already in the process of finalizing a few ideas but one idea remained.

At first, I was hesitant to depend upon Personalized Cart, for the main gift. The problem with such websites is, they have cliched gifts like - photo frames, key chains, swiss knife, wallets, etc. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot. Hey! No money in surfing the website, right?

At first, I was drawn towards its menu bar. Categories like 'for baby', 'for him' and occasions: these people are doing serious business here. When I checked out the rest of the website, one thing was common among all of the gifts - nature. All of them had some earthy touch to every gift. Be it a doormat, watch box, wooden tankard or a pocket knife - all had wood or some natural element. I loved it instantly. 

Last year for Mr. A's birthday, I named a star after him. I know, I know, very cliched. But, it was either this or adopting a plant. I looked up for some organization that could give us a legal space that I could purchase for the 'tree' to flourish. I didn't want a small plant but a giant tree. Couldn't find it!

This time, not a tree but close enough (:P)
One hour later and I had these 3 options -

1) Watch box (he loves two of his only watches)


2) Doormat (they are building their own place

3) Beer Stein (doesn't need more explanation)

Another half hour later, I was placing the order. Now you would think, fine beer stein might make sense since he loves it freshly brewed but, what does 'personalized' have to do anything about it?

If you notice it carefully, there is a reason why each gift has a wood element to it. They carve out names and wood is the best material for that!

I wrote his name and birthdate at the bottom of the stein.

So here's how you do it -

1) Choose any item from personalizedcart
2) Decide whether you want to get it engraved or not.

No? Checkout

Yes? See below:
3) Decide the font type from 1-10. 
4) You cannot check the engraving real-time but rest assured, nothing will go wrong.
5) Write the personalized message and checkout.

The delivery was quick, safe and the item error-free.
  • Uniqueness- Unique (5)
  • Ease of purchase (UI)- User-Friendly (5)
  • Customer Care- Great (5)
  • Price point- Pricey* (2)
 #TheStyleCommunity points= 17/20
Not too bad!

The Style community is my own creation where I rate websites along the above lines. Here's how it works.

Your thoughts? Do you like personalized gifts? Creating or getting? What's your favorite product from their website? They have added new products ever since. I love their wooden heart frame. Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. To make things easier, click on 'product categories' if you get confused easily.

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January 1, 2018

Cherry Red Gown: First Day


Twenty Eighteen will be amazing because it's an EVEN number! I am crazy like that. I have special love for even numbers even though I was born on the world's most odd number (for most). Any guesses on my birthdate?

I have great plans and huge expectations out of 2018. This is going to be the most important year of my life. I am not kidding about the even number but, I have a feeling that unlike 2017 (which was not that great for me), this year will be wonderful.

I decided on posting this wonderful red gown from Rosegal for the new day. As you all know, how much I love colors. I love experimenting with the most bizarre sounding color combinations in a decent dosage. This is my 2nd attempt at wearing a red lipstick on the blog (and otherwise). Check out the first post where I wore a red lipstick, here.

I have literally saved this post for this day. I had a great time posing for this pictures back in November. So yea, almost 2 months! Have you ever safely kept a post for a future date? 😅

Today I will talk very specifically about today's post. I will not lie about the discomfort I had in this photoshoot. So today I will be talking about reel vs real. Many of you know that I have been blogging for over 6 years now. Many (like many) people ask me how I do it? How I am consistent of this hobby that has turned out to be more than just a mere hobby. I will talk about it today.

So let's begin!

FIVE things people say or feel about fashion bloggers which are far from reality:

1) Photoshoot fun - let me make things very clear here. Photoshoots are fun only for a few minutes, especially if you are not wearing comfortable shoes. If you are not used to wearing heels, makeup, primp and proper clothes, and on a daily basis. 

I am not used to any of the above things so you can imagine my bitter-sweet 2 hours at 8-8:30 in the morning, 25 km (15 miles) from my place.

It was surely challenging, little fun but, totally worth it. You can tell, right?

2) Freebies - yes we get freebies all the time. Free clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. are our constants. We don't have to spend another dime anymore! True; absolutely not.

If you accept freebies as a blogger, it will do you two things - you will either donate or sell these clothes after wearing them once or you will stop shopping completely. Guess which one I ended up with.

I did not enjoy shopping altogether and when this happened, I forgot what a mall looks like, except on occasions where I had to shop for my birthday or gift to someone.

I am one of those girls (if they exist) who have everything they need and do not keep more than one item on their wishlist.

As a result, I don't have a retail therapy or wardrobe cleanse to attend to. 😂

3) People know you - while this is true, even for a part-time fashion blogger like me, but the downside of it is, wrong people, knowing you. I can't tell you how many times people have made pages with my photographs.

This part of being a fashion blogger is not very pleasing. I have always had to experience my writing and DIY projects being copied on others' blogs. I am talking about very professional blogs here.

4) Collaborations and event invite - Ah yes! Recently I received mail to become a brand ambassador. You might think, 'Wow! what's wrong with that?'. Nothing, except that the brand was a very good IT brand. 

Agreed that if one achieves success with their blogs, then more relevant opportunities will come to them. I have seen such life too where you do 5-6 shoots a day and promote 1-2 big brands. Your body goes through so much that you don't have time to breathe. Don't even get me started with bloggers who are invited to different countries. Jet lag, fatigue, lustless skin - just some of the non-perks of being a blogger.

5) What the future looks like - most of the full-time fashion bloggers end up with a brand; fashion magazine, luxury or any other similar brand set. Only a few stick to earning a regular income from their blog, only if they have adapted to the current times. I'm being too optimistic here. There are bloggers who reduce the front-end blogging and realize their passion has turned elsewhere, like behind-the-lens, or managing other blogs or taking a different route.

Not everyone starts their own fashion line, as most people think. Just because we can style ourselves, or in some cases, others; doesn't mean that we have what it takes to visualize, design and launch a brand of our own. Now that I'm working in a company that is into B2B of the fashion industry, I know how much it takes to build a brand. I'm not just talking about financials over here.

In short, most of the bloggers you see on the blogosphere, will most likely leave or minimize their blogging and soon you will find new faces on your phones.

That and more is the bitter-truth about fashion blogging. It can all depend on individual decisions and preferences and the above are my personal views and experiences.

I have always said that blogging has given me so much and taken nothing, that I owe a lot of my personality to it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Now enjoy the pictures below. Took a lot of effort :D







Red gown: Rosegal, Nail ring: Unknown, Peep-toes: Milanoo

Wish you a blessed year ahead.

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